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How to almost win the physics Nobel

By Ashley G. Smart Sep 29 ,2016

Sometimes it’s the scientific pursuit that’s deemed unworthy; sometimes it’s the pursuer. It’s that time of year again. On 3 October, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences will name the winners of the 111th Nobel Prize in Physics. SpeculView More


Ask Ethan: What Were The Greatest Nobel Prize Snubs In Science History?

By Ethan Siegel | Forbes Magazine Dec 30 ,2017

In science, advances often come in great leaps. In hindsight, it's easy to identify perhaps hundreds of small steps that led to the momentous discovery, but revolutions seem to happen all at once. That doesn't mean those responsible for thoseView More


It's Time to Rethink the Nobel Prizes

By By Dr. Brian Keating | Scientific American Oct 04 ,2017

They can go to a maximum of three people, and they can't be awarded posthumously, but that wasn't part of Alfred Nobel's original vision Each October, chemists, physicians, poets, physicists, and peacemakers delight in what has becView More


Do The Nobel Prizes Still Make Sense In The 21st Century?

Top 20 Most Controversial Nobel Prizes