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Why Nobel prizes fail 21st-century science

By Robin McKie Sep 30 ,2018

A small group of scientists will achieve international stardom this week. They will learn they have won Nobel prizes in physiology, chemistry and physics, and their lives will be transformed. Each will win hundreds of thousands of pounds and they wView More


The problem with Nobel prizes and the myth of the lone genius

By Jenny Rohn Oct 04 ,2017

Restricting Nobel prizes to three individuals has always been problematic, and increasingly glosses over the contributions of everyday scientists Yesterday, the Nobel prize in physics was awarded for the discovery of gravitational waves, followingView More


You Can't Give A Nobel Prize To A Thousand People. Here's Why

By NICOLE KOBIE Oct 05 ,2017

The Nobel Prize for Physics went to three men, but the paper describing their discovery lists 1,000 authors. What gives? This year's Nobel Prize in Physics was shared between three men, but you'd be hard pressed to quickly pick their namesView More


Do The Nobel Prizes Still Make Sense In The 21st Century?

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