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For petitions and surveys you’ve signed or completed, we treat your name, city, state, and comments as public information – for example, we may provide compilations of petitions, with your comments, to the Nobel Committees or to the press. We will not make your address publicly available, but we may transmit your affiliation. This is a standard industry practice in such situations where petitions are signed. In no such case will we disclose your email address or phone number without your permission. We may also make your comments, along with your first name, city, and state available to the press and public online.

Sending Emails Via https://losingthenobelprize.org/ Civic Action In certain cases, we enable you to send individual e-mails to Nobel Committees as as well as to the media and in other public forums such as Letters-to-the-Editor to various news publications, through our website. These messages are sent in your name, with your e-mail address as the return address and your full name and contact information is provided as part of the submission.