Vera Rubin

A Call for Reformation of the Nobel Prize "Instead of boycott or retirement, modest reforms should take place. One proposal would be to give the first Nobel Prize in physics intentionally awarded posthumously to Vera Rubin for her indisputable discovery of dark matter. Imagine the statement that would make!" For many people, the Nobel Prize has been a benefactor of over a century of unreformed pride and prejudice in scientific genres. Of course, like many “classic” institutions with an indelible long track record, reform comes at a cost or sometimes never comes at all. I believe that the time is now to enact change and move forward in eliminating many of the archaic principles that plague this historical achievement. The Nobel Prize should be used to inspire and to correlate truth in academia, so that the world may take solace and discover the greatest achievements in our humanity. Therefore, I believe the Nobel Prize needs to be sensibly reformed (sans gender bias and other considerations) and a great start would be to honor the first Nobel Prize in physics intentionally awarded posthumously to Vera Rubin. This institution has been long overdue for change and the time is now to take steps in making this award truly representative of the power and idealism it conveys.

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